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Certified Financial Planner | Principal

After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, I started working for London Life in 1992 as a sales representative, and became a Certified Financial Planner in 2001. Forming my own company, DWL Financial Services Inc. reflects the pride I have in what I do.

I believe planning for a secure financial future is the first step towards a successful, comfortable lifestyle. DWL Financial’s team is committed to helping you reach your financial goals at every stage of your life.

Whether you choose our professional financial guidance and investment advice, or manage your own portfolio, you’ll discover our competent service, knowledgeable specialists, and dedicated advisors provide the solution that’s right for you.



Financial Security Advisor | Partner

As an Honours graduate from The University of Toronto, I have an aptitude for learning and a relentless pursuit of personal and intellectual growth. Having achieved tremendous success in this career over the past five years, I have been fortunate to work with and benefit from the many years of experience of the most accomplished advisors and experts within the industry.

In my role as a financial security advisor and partner with DWL Financial Services, I am most grateful for the wide variety of people with whom I have the opportunity to meet and share ideas with. When working with clients, I take on a very personal planning approach because I believe understanding what is important to each individual is at the heart of helping them make the best choices.

My strong work ethic and inspiration come from family values which have shown me that when you commit yourself to your goals with a passion and a purpose, you will succeed. My goal is to pass on this motivation to my clients in the course of helping them find unique ways to achieve their own personal and financial goals



Financial Security Advisor

As a financial security advisor, building long-term relationships with clients and helping them achieve their goals and dreams through different stages of their lives, gives me immense satisfaction.

In 1999, I married my wife, Laurie, and a year later we had our son Jackson. When our second child, Briana was born in 2002, we discovered Jackson was autistic.

Our lives changed dramatically that day, but with hard work, dedication and a lot of love, we’re managing as a family. This personal situation magnified the realization that unexpected things can happen and can put a financial and emotional strain on any family, reinforcing my belief and commitment to be there for clients and provide them with the best possible financial security advice.

Born and raised in Ontario, I graduated from York University, then Seneca College.

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Senior Investment Consultant




Advanced Life Case Consultant

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Administrative Assistant

After completing a Bachelor degree in administration studies from York University, I worked in a merchandising company and a real estate company as an Administrative Assistant. Prior to joining DWL Financial, I was a Personal Assistant in a prestigious banking and finance headhunting firm in Asia and have been working in the administrative role for more than 10 years. With my experience of working in different sectors, I believe my expertise in customer service and relations will help the firm take detailed notes on a client issue while also providing reassurance and possible solutions.