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Daisy Wen

Executive Assistant to Daniel Ling

416-731-3232 ext 350

After graduating from McMaster's Degroote School of Business in 1997, I have had the opportunity to build expertise in a range of responsibilities and succeeded in a variety of roles in management level. I aim to expand my knowledge of operational best practices, marketing and customer service. I am a strong believer in continuous education to reinforce my foundation of industry knowledge and to stay up-to-date on new industry developments. I strive to bring enthusiasm and dedication to the workplace while building strong relationships with clients and associates.

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Jeffrey Tsuyuki

Financial Security Advisor


As a financial security advisor, building long-term relationships with clients and helping them achieve their goals and dreams through different stages of their lives, gives me immense satisfaction.

In 1999, I married my wife, Laurie, and a year later we had our son Jackson. When our second child, Briana was born in 2002, we discovered Jackson was autistic.

Our lives changed dramatically that day, but with hard work, dedication and a lot of love, we’re managing as a family. This personal situation magnified the realization that unexpected things can happen and can put a financial and emotional strain on any family, reinforcing my belief and commitment to be there for clients and provide them with the best possible financial security advice.

Born and raised in Ontario, I graduated from York University, then Seneca College.


Financial Security Advisor

416-731-3232 ext 309

For more than two decades, I have been successfully serving both affluent and high net-worth clients in helping to achieve their financial goals in Dubai and Canada. With my expertise in investment products, I am dedicated to providing high-quality advice and wealth management solutions that enhance the quality of my clients’ lives. For over 10 years I was a member of International Internal Auditors (IIA), a US affiliation, and in 2007 completed my EPC .

My wife, Milena and I are both active members of St. Luke’s Eucharistic Ministry. Since our arrival in Canada, I have been a parishioner of St. Luke’s Church in Thornhill. In 2003 I was granted knighthood belonging to the 4393 Council. I also enjoy being physically active in participating in various sports when I am not serving the community.



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